In 1991, Iqbal Advani, our founder, fresh out of college moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to start his own venture. Over the course of the 90s, he expanded his business under various names to 6 cities in Saudi Arabia, all of which are successfully operational to this day. His vast business knowledge and ability to discover opportunities led him to create the Saving Home brand in the UAE. Realizing that there is not only a huge potential in the country, but he possessed the skills required to establish a strong presence within the local and expat markets of UAE. Starting with his first store in 2012, Mr. Advani managed to expand to 4 locations within the Emirates and 3 additional countries. Mr. Advani’s success is attributed to his deep knowledge in the field of business and he continues to provide the local market with an unparalleled shopping experience enjoyed by tens of thousands per day.